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Wanted Shark, Ray & Fish Micro Fossil Matrix From Italy, France And Texas.


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I'm looking for matrix that can be searched for shark, ray and fish micro fossils. I'm not looking to trade for teeth themselves.

I'm looking for matrix from specific sites in Italy and France. Because of the cost of international shipping, I'm looking for processed matrix (ready to look through, sifted/washed/broken down).


Pliocene/Pleistocene Piacenzian-earliest Gelasian

Tuscany, Castelnuovo Berardenga Scalo, Siena province, Italy


Middle Eocene Middle Lutetian

Angoume, Miretrain Quarry, level 0, Landes France

I'm also looking for Cretaceous, Albian matrix from Texas. Processed or unprocessed Albian matrix would be OK.

I can trade shark, ray and fish specimens from the Eocene of VA. I would trade a baggie containing specimens like in the picture below.


Please PM me if you are interested in a trade.

Marco Sr.

"Any day that you can fossil hunt is a great day."

My family fossil website     Some Of My Shark, Ray, Fish And Other Micros     My Extant Shark Jaw Collection

image.png.9a941d70fb26446297dbc9dae7bae7ed.png image.png.41c8380882dac648c6131b5bc1377249.png

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