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Found In River Irbe, Latvia


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Hello. I am from Latvia and new here. Found a strange stone and was advised to come and ask here what it is. Fossil? Strange stone?


if it is no clear enough - red thing on the right side is a box of matches



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Yes it appears to be a fossil. I agree a coral---tabulate, maybe the chain coral Halysites--looks similar to the specimen I have from the U.S. ? I'll let the invert folks weigh in/confirm the tentative ID. Nice specimen! welcome to the forum! Regards, Chris

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Nice specimen and certainly a halysitid coral. Good photo but more detail would be needed to pin down the exact genus - e.g. Catenipora and Acanthohalysites are both possibilities.

Tarquin      image.png.b7b2dcb2ffdfe5c07423473150a7ac94.png  image.png.4828a96949a85749ee3c434f73975378.png  image.png.6354171cc9e762c1cfd2bf647445c36f.png  image.png.06d7471ec1c14daf7e161f6f50d5d717.png

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