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Resting Trace Fossils

Rockin' Ric

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Visited the local rock cut recently and found these Carboniferous Period ichnofossils. 2 are Arborichnus Repetita and the other (pos/neg plate), I have no idea? Found several like this and haven't got an exact identification of them? Both Arborichnus Repetita measures about 1/4" to 1" in width and the claw marks are about 3" in diameter. Any ideas what this could be would be appreciated!


Pos/Neg of resting claw marks


Arborichnus Repetita

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There you go again, making me happy with cool ichno finds!

Regarding the mystery, what would have 12 legs?

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Hey Ric!

Nice to see you getting out!

Very cool ichnos!

Thanks for posting them.



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