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Eocene Mollusc?


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It is most likely a limpet.

And not likely a fossil from the eocene. I'm pretty sure those color bands are his native pigments, indicating he can't be really too old.

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Take another phot of the back and below the shell. You are only showing one view in all photos. If its a limpet, there will be no hinge.

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Heres some views from the side. information about the rock formation suggests it has ostreids, bivalves and gastropods present.




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I think it is a bit of bivalve.

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I don't see a hinge line on that, so limpet is the best answer. Clams have a hinge that connects the two shells, but this one doesn't. Limpets have only one sheel and they stick themselves to rocks to cover the side with no shell.


I might be wrong about the color. Did you find any other shells at the same site with that color?

Did you pluck the specimen straight out of the formation, or did you find it loose near the formation? If you found it loose, then it may not be of that geologic formation. We call those foreign bodies, "floats", because loose objects can float around into other sites that they don't belong.

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looks like a piece of Pectin shell to me.

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