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Another Odd Texas Ammonite


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I found this ammonite in the Lower Cretaceous of north central Texas. It's from the Goodland Limestone Formation of west Denton County. Every third rib flares way out from the rest at the ventro-lateral margin. Not really like a typical tubercle, more flat like an ear. Most of these are broken off and they seem to disappear near the aperture where the ribs are the same size. There is a rounded ventral keel and without further cleaning, no sutures visible.





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Wow, that is a strange ammo indeed. Cool find Bob. Hopefully someone can ID this guy for you.

I wonder what the point would be for a Ammo to grow an especially longer growth ring erratically? Mating docking system?


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Compare with Dipoloceras cristatum...a cosmopolitan index fossil.

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Daniel A. Wöhr aus Südtexas

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Thanks Dan. I noticed the genus in the "Treatise" when I saw those horns but the one in there had such sinuous ribs I ruled it out. Nothing in the "Index Fossils...".

I should have looked up the Texas version of Dipoloceras in the Houston book but I think I looked there first and didn't see horns on the only species pictured there.

Horns, they're called horns, not ears. ha ha Too bad most of them are broken off, that lowers the priority for doing the prep :)

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