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Large Scapula Id Help Please


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Hi all,

Anybody able to help with the ID of this large scapula end?

Found this in the imported backfill of a local quarry here in the UK. Judging from its very large size, I was speculating that it could be from an Auroch, however someone has also suggested it looks like a woolly rhino scapular.

Measurments. Width at Top ; 138mm. Width at minimum shaft taper 110mm. Thickness 25mm to 37mm. (5 inches, 4 1/4 inches, 1.5 inch)

Thanks in advance.







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Cool find. Sorry i can't help with the ID.

Rich, now is your time to redeem your honor!


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Hi Harry , thanks for the answer, that was my growing opinion as well...but which type? As far as i know, rhino species were last in the uk during the pleistocene? So I would suppose we're talking narrow nosed rhino or woolly?!

Thanks again!

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Welcome to the forum, Flinter.

I was able to exclude bovid and settle on rhino based on general form. You'll have to get more detailed identification from a specialist . . . or, by comparing your fossil with other UK collections.

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