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Best Place To Find Eurypterids In Ny?


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Hey guys

Anyone in Western NY or Ontario or Pennsylvania know of any specific locations that may have eurypterids? I searched all over the net and can't seem to find the location of the famous "pools". I'm looking for an area with public access, unless there are places you can make reservations to find eurypterids. Any help is appreciated.

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Sadly, probably nowhere. Lang's fossils has a quarry, but he charges you to split the shale, like 500 bucks a day, and then he charges you for the fossils you find.

If you have a passport or enhanced Driver's license, you can go to the quarry in Ontario where they find Eurypterids. Be prepared for some serious hard work to find them, though.



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If you research long and hard on the Web, you'll find NY State reports (State Museum Bulletins and the like) and can discover places where eurypterids have been found in the past (usually 19th and early 20th Century).

As fas as I can remember, these are Silurian only, and the band of Silurian rocks extends from Canada in the west through Niagara County and generally in the area of the Erie Canal/Thruway as you travel east.

Lang's Quarry is outside of Ilion, a bit SE of Utica, so you can see that the Silurian rocks stretch quite a way. The problem is that there are very few current access points and even fewer places that are known to produce.

That being said, research never hurts.

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I can pm you the number of Ridgemount Quarry in Ontario. Be aware that the last time I was there, at the beginning of the summer only a small, picked over and ever shrinking patch of the eurypterid containing unit of rock was left. You should check with someone who has been there more recently to see if the situation has changed.

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Actually...if you want pdf papers on Eurypterids (in general or more specific papers) you don't have to search TOO long and hard. Check out these sections of my Pdf Library here on The Fossil Forum:

Fruitbat's Pdf Library - Subphylum Chelicerata


Fruitbat's Pdf Library - Faunas and Localities


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Fruitbat's PDF Library

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If you want to go to the Ontario eurypterid location you can contact me. It is only available to hunt on Friday's as it is an active quarry and that is the only day they grant us access.

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