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Micro Ptychodus?


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As I was digging through a bucket of matrix from post oak that I have been digging through for several months, I was wondering why I don't find any micro sized ptychodus teeth as abundant as they are when I am surface hunting, I would expect to find some micro sized like I do all of the other Cretaceous sharks teeth as I have dug through hundreds of pounds of dirt but have yet to find a single one. It made me wonder how small can they be? They are certainly born live and must have teeth, so why no micro teeth? Then today I finally found one. Literally as I was thinking of typing up this topic and was going to ask if anyone had any or what the smallest specimen any one had found was. I am still curious though, how small do they get?

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i've encountered a handful of micro p. anonymus, but i think collecting bias in my case is a big factor. i favor macros.


Daniel A. Wöhr aus Südtexas

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