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Bison Teeth?


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Hello (again)!
I went out searching today, and I found some teeth! Yahoo!
In a stream bed in Plano, TX, no formation known.

I am guessing they are the same type as my previous find: http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/41275-horse-tooth-possibly/#entry450640

I would like confirmation (or correction) about what they are! (And even placement in the jaw?)

(apologies for the lines in the photos... my lamp does that)





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The left one may be bovine, it's kind of hard to see.

The other two are from a horse.

The formation may help to put an age to them, but being from a river it's kind of a guessing game

Congrats on the finds!

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The tooth on the right is the last tooth on the left lower jaw of a horse--- I have heard it called a "packing" tooth.

The tooth on the left may be Bison or may be modern cow -- these two animals are almost impossible to separate just by their teeth.

Basically agreeing with Fossilized6s

Edited to add two photos -- this tooth could be modern cow or bison, It is actually bison because it is fossilized and we did not have cows in Florida 15000 years ago.


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Well awesome! Thank you!

They are all definately fossilized. Hard as a rock and heavy!
Ive found bison before in the same locality, so I will go ahead and guess that the first one is bison.

As for the horse teeth, that is a new find for me! Yahoo!

Thank you!

"To do is to be." -Socrates

"People are Stupid." -Wizard's First Rule

"Happiness is a warm Jeep." -Auspex

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