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How To Identify The Fossil Crabs Found In Or/wa


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I am new to this.

I was wondering if there is an identification key published to identify the fossil crabs found in OR/WA?

Or how is the best way to go about identifying fossil crabs to genus/species?

Thank you.

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Three ways to go about it...

Find out what formation you found the fossil in, and then search all the information you can about fossils in that formation. You learn a lot about the geology and paleo environment that way.

The other way is to study crabs and their classification, and then from the diagnostic features on your crab you try to drill down through the taxonomy using the formal definitions for each rank. You learn a lot about anatomy and anatomical terms that way.

Lastly, you could post a photo here and hope somebody recognizes it. You meet a lot of friendly and strange people that way. :D

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