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Identifying Bone Found On Beach


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My wife and I were walking on Crooked Island beach, just west of Mexico Beach, Florida, and about 30 miles east of Panama City Beach. We were looking for shells and found this bone about 10 feet off the beach in the water. It is heavy and grainy. I am sure it is a bone of some sort but not sure exactly what. I'll post more pictures of the bone next to a ruler when I get home. I am just curious to see if anyone has any idea what it could be. I've never found a bone in the ocean and don't know much about them. If anyone is able to help me identify this, I would appreciate it. Thanks.




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Sorry, I cannot help with ID at all, but I brightened and cropped your images for you.





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It might just be the shape it is warn to, but my first impression is that of a broken off vertebral process (from a big mammal; whale, maybe).

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Thanks a lot everyone. I appreciate the responses. I'll definitely be holding onto it since I do not have anything like it.

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