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Texas Goniatite Question


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The term goniatite has two uses. One is descriptive and refers to the relative complexity and form of the sutures compared to other ammonoids. The other is taxonomic and usually refers to the order of Ammonoidea named Goniatitida (Ammonoidea is a subclass of Cephalopoda) . There is also a genus of the superfamily goniatitaceae, of the family goniatitidae. of the subfamily goniatitinae called Goniatites sp. of which there are 18 species. Some of those species are more rare than others and considering there are 2 suborders of the order, one with 4 superfamilies and the other with 17, you can't say the members of the order are rare. If you could determine the genus and species maybe someone could tell us if they are rare. Of course not all members of the order are found in Texas so the rarity here also depends on the species.

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