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Skull Material, Not Fossils, But Old.


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These came from a departed friends collection of oddities that I'm working my way through. Obviously modern, but also quite old. (everything Gary had was old!) No provenance, sorry, but should be an easy i.d. for any of you bone experts. Thank you for any info. you can provide. JW




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i'm thinking the smaller one might be antelope of some sort? But also just guessing. I'm confident someone here will know.

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The larger skull .....my first impression was a deformed baby dolphin that was born or died soon after birth because I don't see any nasel openings. Maybe the two opening on the back underside are the nasel openings if so then this creature died at birth.

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The larger one appears to be part of a skull of a California Sea Lion, and the smaller one appears to be a deer skull.

Again, to Bobby for the marine mammal.

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Larger one is probably an adult male California sea lion Zalophus californianus, although I can't be certain without seeing the skull in lateral view. You don't see any "nasal openings" because the rostrum has fallen off - see the attached photo of a disarticulated juvenile NZ fur seal Arctocephalus forsteri. I'm actually collecting some data on this style of disarticulation as there are several examples of "faceless" fur seal skulls in the fossil record.

As for the other skull, the most likely option is a deer - it has the artiodactyl "look" to it. EDIT: It's got antler bases, so it's an Odocoileus for sure.


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Sea lion and deer sounds like a good match to me. My Buddy Gary, and his parents were lifelong Malibu Canyon and beach combing residents in CA. Thanks for your help and comments!

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