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24 Hours Of Geology And Paleontology Lecture On Dvd


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First off, I'm not selling this, I'm just making people aware of it. I have nothing to do with this company.

There is a company called "The Great Courses" that makes videos of lectures by prominent professors around the USA. They are having a sale on a course called "The Origin and Evolution of Earth", course number 1740. The sale lasts to Oct. 30th. Price is only $90 for 24 hours of lecture, less than $2 per lecture.

It is 48 lectures of 30 minutes each (24 total hours of lecture. I don't own this course but I have many of their other courses and they are always very good. They select not only a very prominent professor for these courses, but also a person who is a good speaker. The videos are also professionally done, no fuzzy video or terrible audio.

This course covers everything from cosmic beginnings, geology, mineralogy, meteorites, biochemistry, microbial beginnings, snowball earth, Cambrian explosion, and many more topics (48 topics!).

The professor is Dr. Hazen from George Mason University. He is a Senior Staff Scientist at Carnegie Inst. Geophysical Lab.

Looks pretty good, for people who are looking for the college level information of the big picture of everything having to do with earth's past.

Their server is not responding for me this morning, but their link is http://www.thegreatcourses.com and they are a reputable company. Very good quality courses.


Their server is working OK now. Actually it must be my service provider that is having issues, because even NASA.gov wasn't responding earlier this morning, so I blame my provider.

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