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Is This A Tooth, Please?


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Hi again.

I hope the size of this fossil can be seen well by the ruler in the photo? As to where it was found, that would be in Pennsylvania, and I'm almost afraid to say where because from what we've read we're not supposed to have large, 100 million year old teeth or any other body parts here. We're in Central PA, somewhat north of Harrisburg smack in the Appalachians. We're not far from the Susquehanna, near a creek which is part of the entire system. Our tiny valley is a side-gash in the geology as opposed to running true along our mountains here, with dual, 40 foot rock formations almost as sentinels at the top end, which feed to the top of our part of where the Appalachians roll through PA. As short a time ago as 400 years this top consisted of a massive swamp- not sure if it was drained on purpose or if civilization affected surrounding areas in a way which affected the water supplies, thereby lowering levels, hence draining the swamp. ( I'm trying to describe the area from what we know )

Anthracite coal was first mined not far from here- first place in the US in fact. Wish I could tell you all the types of rock- I know there's a ton. Sandstone, quartz, sedimentary, fossilized wood.

I'm also not sure how many objects we may put in one post? Thanks very much for letting me pick your brains, hope this post is ok.

Oops, sorry, Helps if you use the ' Attach this file ' option instead of expecting things to magically appear.




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I would also agree that this is a rock but keep looking! There are a lot of great areas for rock fossils in PA!

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Notice the vertical lines in the 3rd pic. These are sedimentary layers. Fossils are found in sediment that has hardened into rock but fossils themselves will not show layers like that. Just something to look for when deciding if it's a rock or a fossil :)

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