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Need Help Identifying This Fossil


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was this dredged by a clammer or scalloper? Could we get a sharp close up of the texture? I agree with tmaier but would like more information because of its provenance.

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Yes,this was picked up by a clam dreadge.We pull up fossils all the time on a clam boat.I have found many mastodon and mammoth teeth.Also alot of walrus tusk which I was never able to preserve cause they always fell apart on me.I recently put a walrus jaw bone on this forum and thankfully you guys helped me identify it.

The reason I don't think this is a rock cause it don't feel like a rock.It don't look like a rock iv'e ever seen that we pull up,and we pull up alot of diffrent rocks.The main reason I don't think it's a rock is because it's forming white and crubling at the tip..Just like when I don't preserve a mastodon and mammoth tooth after a while the roots turn white and start to crumble.This object is starting to do the same on the tip of it.I will get closer picture's so you can see the texture of it.I will also get close ups of the white crumbling that I am talking about as soon as I get a chance.Thank you all for helping me and looking forward to hearing all your opinions.

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The white encrustation will happen with any porous object that has been saturated with seawater. The salt will migrate to the surface and form a crust.

Compare the bone you have found previously with the layers of this specimen.

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I do not believe it is a fossil.

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If it is organic (and I have to concede that I see nothing specific to contraindicate it), then it hasn't aged well.

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