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Petrified Log


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That's a beauty. Do you know where it's from, what age?

I'm not sure of much info but I believe it came from the deserts of Nevada, California or Arizona.
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What a stunning piece, and an antique to boot!

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Very nice piece. I love the detail and the knots. It's also great that is was passed down from a family member. Makes it that much better. Thanks for sharing.

A fossil hunter needs sharp eyes and a keen search image, a mental template that subconsciously evaluates everything he sees in his search for telltale clues. -Richard E. Leakey


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That is absolutely beautiful. It's great to see a fossil with that kind of history as well.


I like crinoids......

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I don't usually care much for petrified wood, but once in a while you see a specimen like this one, and you have to drool,... just a bit. :drool:

Thanks for posting this stunning piece.



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