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Unknown Rock Found, Need Help Identifying.


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I believe that this is a mineral and not a fossil but am unsure. I think that it may be a form of feldspar but it has column like strands throughout the rock. Any guesses?




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It looks like coral to me, but I don't know much about minerals.

Brent Ashcraft

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ashcraft, brent allen

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What are the dimensions of this piece?

Could this be tabulate coral?


I'm not much of a mineralogist, so I keep seeing it as a coral.

It does resemble many of the photos on the link you posted but is somewhat smaller than many of those examples. The specimen is about 2"x 1.5"X1.5". It was found in the Missouri River south of Columbia, Mo. Edited by Fish_trawler
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After further digging I believe it may actually be fossilized Devonian Tabulate Coral and possibly of the Emmonsia genus. Several fossil sites have similar photos resembling this specimen. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I thought it may have been a petrified plant or mineral formation. I will need to look at the specimen under a microscope at work tomorrow to be sure.


Edited by Fish_trawler
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Silica Replaced coral, see if it scratches glass.

I agree that the piece is agatized coral formed through silica replacement. Thank you for the informative ID! After viewing the specimen under a microscope I am certain that it is Devonian tabulate coral. However I didn't know what kind of mineral had fossilized the coral. I could clearly see the individual coralites from the top and side views of the piece. This website has a more complete example that looks very similar to the specimen I have. Thanks to everyone who helped me ID the origin of this fossil!


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