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North Carolina Echinoid


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I found this echinoid at a quarry in Eastern North Carolina weeks ago. I have been cleaning some of the last specimens from that particular trip and came across this little echinoid. It was encased in a semi hard matrix, but it actually clumped off during cleaning and prepping. I found the echinoid in an area which was full of NC, Pee- dee Formation. However, I wonder if the specimen came from overburden from the Castle Hayne Formation, Eocene. It has similarities to some of the Cretaceous, Peedee echinoids I have researching. I thought the echinoid could be Hardouinia aequoria, really not sure at this point. Any thoughts are appreciated. :)

The aboral aspect is not in the best condition. Measures not quite half an inch long.





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Can't help but nice find Libby----Tom

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looks like it could be aequoria but no periproct to look at. Saw a plate of these "bottoms up" in the ICM at Castle Hayne earlier this year. I don't recall who ended up with the specimen. Couldn't tell the species from the bottom view but a good guess was aequorea.

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