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Help I.d. My Best Sharks Teeth


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Hey all!

I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the species of sharks some of my best teeth are from. My wife and I are avid collectors here in Charleston, SC and would like to know what we're finding! Also, if any locals would like to tip me off to where we can find some bigger teeth that would be awesome. As you can see, 95% of our collection is under 1/2 in.

Here are the pics!


2. image_zps4daaef4e.jpg

3. image_zps9cbe2a09.jpg

4. image_zpsd9158320.jpg

5. image_zps1b501e00.jpg

6. image_zps825c22a8.jpg

7. image_zps1c319e4a.jpg

8. image_zpsc3bede20.jpg

Here is a pick of our entire collection:



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1. Great White Carcharodon carcharias

2. Giant Thresher Alopias grandis

3-5&7. Carcharocles megalodon or angustidens (any with cusps)

6&8 Carcharias cuspidata

Pretty sure on these. But the damaged ones could be missing enough to make ID difficult. Like number one could be Meg but it looks more like a Great white too me. 2&7 could be angustidens and just missing the cusps.

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