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Questionable Find From Ramanessin Brook Nj

Shark Tooth Hunter

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Hi everyone,

I recently picked this up on a gravel bar at Ramanessin. I'm not sure exactly what it is except for that it could be a tooth or claw of some sort. I kept thinking to myself that it was just a funny looking rock because of all the odd shaped rocks I picked up at the brook. But it's got such a distinct shape I just can't help thinking this could be a fossil of some sort. Being from Maryland, I'm not sure what to expect as I have heard that there are a ton of different fossils that can wash out of the NJ streams. Or, that it is not a fossil at all. Lastly, it has this odd bump at the top that kind of catches my eye. It could just be random but maybe it adds to some sort of structure of whatever this thing is.

P.S. If the pictures are a little fuzzy please let me know and i will try to take better ones.post-5370-0-66474200-1416261506_thumb.jpgpost-5370-0-37699900-1416261545_thumb.jpgpost-5370-0-55314500-1416261617_thumb.jpg

Thanks for the help, Shark Tooth Hunter

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Based on the color and texture I'd mark it as one of the annoying concretions so abundant there. There is also a chance it is a burrow of some kind but these are hard to feel certain about when they are found as float. I feel pretty sure it is not bone or tooth.

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I agree with Carl, another Big Brook concretion.

Not seeing any bone like structure to this.



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