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A Brachiopod From Northern Poland


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The hinge line is mssing or obscured, so it would be difficult to pin it down too much. Do you know the age of the formation you got this in?

It might be in the genus Platystrophia



You might have to find more examples of it to get a good look at all the diagnostic features.

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Age and formation would be important information to know. Assuming a Paleozoic age, all I would be comfortable saying is that it is probably some sort of a rhynchonellid. It does not look like Platystrophia to me, as that genus (which is an orthid that has a superficially spiriferid-like morphology) has a long straight hinge and usually a prominent fold and sulcus. Your specimen seems too rounded, and there is no evidence to suggest the hinge is long and straight.

tmaier is correct that you would have to find specimens that expose diagnostic features, mainly internal structures, for a confident ID. Another approach is to identify the rock formation, find research papers that list brachiopods identified by experts from that formation (and ideally from the same site), and then match your specimens to species known to occur in the formation/site. In practice, this is the most efficient method to ID things, as probably no-one in the world (not even brachiopod specialists) can confidently ID a single specimen that exposes only some (not all) diagnostic features without knowing anything about the age, formation, or locality.

I assume you live in Poland? If so you might want to correct your personal profile. Pooland has an unfortunate connotation, as in most English-speaking countries "poo" is slang for "feces". That's assuming, of course, that you weren't intentionally making a joke.


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