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Some Paleozoic Fishes


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Some pictures of chosen paleozoic fishes from my collection.


Pentlandia macroptera


Bourbonella guilloti (Huyler)


Birkenia elegans


Rhadinichtys alberti (Jackson)


Peleoniscus freiselebeni


Dipterus valenciennesi (Forster & Cooper)?

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Nice specimens!

Are these self found, or purchases?

Thanks for posting.



   MOTM.png.61350469b02f439fd4d5d77c2c69da85.png      PaleoPartner.png.30c01982e09b0cc0b7d9d6a7a21f56c6.png.a600039856933851eeea617ca3f2d15f.png     Postmaster1.jpg.900efa599049929531fa81981f028e24.jpg    VFOTM.png.f1b09c78bf88298b009b0da14ef44cf0.png  VFOTM  --- APRIL - 2015  

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Thank you.

Unfortunately, it is all purchased...

In regard to paleozoic fishes there is only one area in Poland with paleozoic fishes fossils, mainly Upper Devonian placoderms. It is hardly accessible since the famous oldest middle devonian tetrapod tracks were found.

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You have a connoisseur's eye; very nice specimens!

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Beautiful specimens and thank you for sharing them with us!



Geologists on the whole are inconsistent drivers. When a roadcut presents itself, they tend to lurch and weave. To them, the roadcut is a portal, a fragment of a regional story, a proscenium arch that leads their imaginations into the earth and through the surrounding terrain. - John McPhee

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That's a great collection. Do you know the geologic ages of those specimens and where they come from?

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Yes, I do know the geological ages and the locations.

The Pentlandia comes from Orkney, Eday Flagstone Formation which is Upper Givetian period (middle devonian). This Dipnoan species can be found only in this formation in the Orkney.

The Bourbonella comes from Bourbon, L'Archambault, France. It is Stephanian- Autunian - early Permian.

Birkenias are Silurian, Llandovery, Telychian, Kip Burn Formation. Come from Mulkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Rhadinichtys is from the classical Canadian location: Hillsborough Albert County, New Brunswick, It is Mississipian, Tournaisian, Albert Shale,

Paleoniscus is from the old collection gathered in 50s. This is from Bauhaus, Richelsdorfer Gebirge, Germany. Zechstein 1 (Kupferschaefer).

The last one is probably Dipterus from Achanarras quarry in Scotland, Upper Caithness Flagstone Group, Givetian.

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Very Nice, Thanks for showing them! :)

Every once in a great while it's not just a big rock down there!

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