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Winner Of The December 2014 Invertebrate / Plant Find Of The Month!


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The Winner of the December 2014 Invertebrate / Plant Find Of The Month is the Euphoberia sp. spiny millipede from the mid-Pennsylvanian Francis Creek Shale (Mazon Creek) of Illinois, U.S.A.! Congratulations to digit (Ken) on his rare discovery and second win in the FOTM contests! :thumbsu:

post-420-0-84337600-1420649177_thumb.jpg post-420-0-96667600-1420649179_thumb.jpg

post-420-0-94569000-1420649182_thumb.jpg post-420-0-56393800-1420649186_thumb.jpg

The human mind has the ability to believe anything is true.  -  JJ

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Ma bibliothèque PDF 1 (Poissons et sélaciens récents & fossiles) : ici
Ma bibliothèque PDF 2 (Animaux vivants - sans poissons ni sélaciens) : ici
Mâchoires sélaciennes récentes : ici
Hétérodontiques et sélaciens : ici
Oeufs sélaciens récents : ici
Otolithes de poissons récents ! ici

Un Greg...

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Congratulations, Ken! Neat find and story!

Thanks! You know you can ALWAYS count on a story from me. B)

I'm quite honored to have picked up my second FOTM in less than a year. I blame that mostly on an incredible streak of luck that seems to follow me around. Actually, I have Rob Russell to thank for organizing a birthday Mazon Creek outing for me and my wife up at Pit 2. A number of other TFF members joined us to make it a really memorable trip. I encourage everybody to contact other TFF members and plan a fossil hunting trip with them in 2015. In addition to learning a lot from others, the social aspect of meeting up with this forum's best asset--its members--really increases the enjoyment factor by a substantial amount.

As is usual, this month's entries (both vertebrate and otherwise) were all really nice and incredibly diverse. It was quite the competition against that lignite pinecone (which I personally voted for). I'd have been happy to have found any of the entries--or even to have been there when they were discovered.

It really made my day--or night--or whatever it is right now. I'm reading this at Gate 28 in the Incheon airport (Seoul, South Korea) enroute to Koror, Palau for a month of coral reef research. (I do have a lot of varied hobbies.)

Thanks again for the additional icon under my name. My favorite little spiny millipede will be displayed in a place of honor in a Mazon Creek shadowbox I'm working on (photos once I return home).



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