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crinoid or what?


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I have found these small pacman-like segments at Jacksboro, TX (Lost Creek Reservoir), which is  Pennsylvanian, and have always thought that they were a segment from a crinoid stem. I then found what looks like a stem with about 7-8 segments along with more of the individual segments. However, the segments never have any of the radial lines that I often seen in other crinoid segments. Any idea what these are? Thanks.

crinoid segments slotted 2.jpg

crinoid segments slotted 3.jpg

crinoid segments slotted 2 end.jpg

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they look like crinoid pieces to me also

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Interesting. They look like mini cheese wheels! I would probably eat a few before I realized why they were so crunchy :P 

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1 hour ago, erose said:

Yes, crinoid arm segments.

Correct, and the missing wedge forms the food groove leading to the mouth. You can see from the one resting on it's edge that they taper slightly from one side to the other and the taper alternates so that one with a thicker left side sits on top of another with a thicker right side. This probably giver the arms greater strength than if they were the same thickness all the way across. Some arms use an interlocking system for greater strength.

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Very interesting crinoid bits! :)

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