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Fossil or painted artifact


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Help identify please

Found near black sea, republic of Georgia. Size. 4"×3"x3". Rock appears to have been split in half. Only have 1 half. The rock is very hard. To me it looks more like it was painted. Colors red, greenish black, Maybe 4 legged animals with horns and some kind of native plants depicting a seen. Outside surface of rock is smooth and well rounded.


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Perhaps the exterior view would be helpful.

It could also be a pseudofossil with manganese oxide.


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IMO no fossil or artifact it is calcite nodule with iron/manganese oxide (so called "dendrites").

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Yes, not a fossil, but a good find nonetheless. :)

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Very cool! The colors are great!  Wonder what caused the colors. It seems like a clay base, with possibly manganese and chlorophyll.

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I do not believe the original post shows dendrites. The shapes are to continuous with the rind of the concretion, and just flat not dendritic in shape.

I think two separate materials or states of oxidation in the original concretion are the cause. 

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This is one cool specimen!!!

I would get back out there and try my best to find part two!!!

Awesome find.

Natural, and very distinct mineralization penetration. The pointy outline is unique to say the least.


Jess B


Just noticed "Black Sea" in southern Georgia?

I am presuming, not Georgia in the U.S.?

My suggestion of getting back out there is a little far fetched if you are in Chicago.

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That is amazing. The first thing that I thought of was an ancient map of a coastline or inland sea.

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Can dendrites form on a curved surface?

I've attached a side view photo 20180523_012540.thumb.jpg.70ac0d442b016c2475261887a5e14fe2.jpgto show the curve. 

Note: The edge is razor sharp on one side. Also the areas with colored patterns, under the microscope look more like a painted surface rather than crystalization, although I'm no expert.  Is it possible it could be some ornate ancient cutting tool or blade?  The stone is very hard.

Some food for thought.

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The dendrites will form an any surface available, regardless of shape. Dendrites can be 3 dimensional but are often flat (because of available space).

Many rocks will break to a sharp edge.

Your rock is not an artifact.

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