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This is from Charmouth, Dorset, UK.

OK, its obviously a Belemnite in there but the texture of the matrix made me wonder if this is coprolite?


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I'm not sure that is a belemnite.

Maybe not coprolite either.

Has someone had an opportunity to hands on look see?

Obviously not or you would not be asking about it being a coprolite.

One with identifiable belemnite shell, well that would be something wouldn't it?
Let's see what others have to say.


Jess B.

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A shot of the right hand side would help. I also doubt it is a belemnite though.

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I did, just this morning, see a photo of a gastrolite full of these that is though to perhaps be the cause of death for a hybodont shark.

Belemnite for sure.

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A belemnite guard for sure, but i don't think that's a coprolite, it looks like one of the slightly harder nodules from the marls to me. 

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