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help needed with ID of Jurassic bone


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I put this before on the FB page but like to try here as well. 


This partly eroded bone was found in Jurassic sediments in the Boulonnais area in the North of France. The sediments are marine but the sea was not far from the beach and sometimes terrestrial animals (dinosaurs) can be found.

I thought this a vertebra; but no neural arch showing and the shape is weird; it looks a bit like a carpal/ tarsal bone of a big animal but I may be seeing to much.  Perhaps a paddle bone of a marine animal is another option? Hope you can help me.





2018-04-21 20.12.23.jpg

2018-04-21 20.12.31.jpg

2018-04-21 20.12.36.jpg

2018-04-21 20.12.42.jpg

2018-04-21 20.12.43.jpg

2018-04-21 20.12.44.jpg

2018-04-21 20.12.50.jpg

2018-04-21 20.12.52.jpg

2018-04-21 20.12.56.jpg

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Thanks for your reactions. Too bad it's unclear. Maybe better pictures will help although I doubt it. Could I rule out vertebra?

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I don't think that vertebral centrum can be ruled out.

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