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First Yorkshire Ammonite Prep Advice Please

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So this is the first prep I've attempted with my new Dremel (with specialised tips for fossils/rocks). The ammonite is from Saltwick Bay in Yorkshire. I chose this as my first practice piece as I thought that it was going to be pretty bashed up inside so would be a good one to say 'oh well' if/when I make mistakes. Sadly I now think it could have been quite nice had I saved it for when I have more experience!


Anyway, to my inexperienced touch the matrix felt very sticky, with practically none of the matrix popping off nicely. I felt like I was having to carve out the ammonite and there are several spots where you can see I got it wrong and really messed up. My question is, do you think I should go any further? I think the centre may just be present and there are still bits of matrix clinging to some of the ribs but I don't want to do anymore damage and it's too hard to get off with a pin vice (I tried). If you have any advice on prepping matrix like this and any good techniques particularly with ammonites I would really appreciate it.



As found



In progress...




Where I've got to now...



Close up of the centre (taken with phone camera through x10 loupe)



Forgot to add, this is actually a double with another ammonite on the backIMG_0604.thumb.jpeg.0ddae454ef52ace33b0b3aa0a2c4ea26.jpeg

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