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Hi, this is my first time posting as I am new to the forum.  I am considering buying a Woolly Mammoth Tusk for Christmas, but I do not know how to know if it is a real or a good quality item.  Would you all be able to provide your guidance?  It says cracks near the base have been filled with glue.  It says it is the tip of a larger tusk.  It says it is 23" long, circumference is 8" and weighs 4 pounds.  It says the species is Mammuthus Primigenius (woolly mammoth), location Belovo, Kemerovo oblast, southwestern Siberia in Russia, Age 22,000 years old.  Also, if you could provide names of good quality honest vendors that sell in the US that would be great.


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Some states such as California, New York and Hawaii have banned the sale of Mammoth ivory. Make sure that the ivory is not shipped to or from those states. Also, make sure that Ohio laws don't prohibit Mammoth ivory. 


Here is a good article that mentions current and proposed legislation banning Mammoth ivory in the US: "States Banning The Sale of Fossil Ivory and Proposed Legislation about the bans"  from The Journal of Paleontological Sciences. http://www.aaps-journal.org/fossil-ivory-legislation.html

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