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  2. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    I’m sorry to hear about what’s happening to you. I hope the worst is over and your future is better. Life sometimes holds good surprises. Coco
  3. Hello from Victoria!

    The tooth was laying laying on the sand just below the water, I couldn't believe my luck! Thanks for the warm welcome Tidgy!
  4. Hello from Victoria!

    The tooth is a nice find. Hello, and a very warm welcome to TFF from Morocco.
  5. Moroccan Mosasaurs

    hi le quoc try to attached the picture so i can help you.
  6. How to get your item ID'd (New Members Please Read)

    Hi, It is the 3rd post I see this fossil, I think it is too much ! Coco
  7. Tooth Restoration

    Check out this section and you should find some answers.
  8. Hello from Victoria!

    Thanks Ludwigia!
  9. Hello from Victoria!

    I agree with hastalis on the tooth. Welcome to the forum.
  10. . Please help identify this croc fossil .

    Judging from the matrix, it looks a lot like the Moroccan pieces we typically see. Hopefully one of the other members that deal in that category will pipe in with further information. You will likely be asked for some closer up pictures of all sides. Was this purchased? If so, the dealer had no information on it?
  11. conglomerate rock with fossils?

    @Ramona, its a difficult decision based on this one pic alone. As already mentioned, it could be (poorly made) concrete, or it could be a natural breccia of some sort. It would be necessary to examine a fresh break in detail. Considering fossils, I can not see any in your pic. However, (some of) the clasts could be fossiliferous. More detailed examination necessary also here. Here is an example of a natural breccia with a fossiliferous clast: Franz Bernhard
  12. Estimate on origin, age and species . Thx
  13. 8 years of Collecting- My Cabinet

    Can anyone identify this please ?
  14. How to get your item ID'd (New Members Please Read)

    I need help identifying this fossil . I think it might be a Gavialosuchus. If so how old could this fossil
  15. What makes square holes

    Here's a couple crinoid rectangle castings from my place, this is why this was my first thought but you can see the rounded interior. You're right the rock isn't loaded with fossils. My thumb is on a brachiopod that was cut in half when the rock broke and there is a small trilobite rear end near that. You can also see the cross sections of a few shells on the side with the squares but that's about it. The big rock that came off of weighs about a ton and unfortunately it's the same thing, only fossils are really just on the top.
  16. Hello from Victoria!

    Thanks so much Don!
  17. What makes square holes

    As Jamie Lynn posted above.^ I have a couple of hash rocks with such squares and rectangles. They're always surrounded by other crinoid bits. I have better examples than the one below, but haven't got photos handy. On the other hand, your rock isn't fossiliferous. Plus yours do look much more "mineral" than mine below. So there's that.
  18. A vertebra and an enigma (Bearpaw fm.)

    hello from Wyoming. The first one is definitely a mosasaur vert. Not sure about the second.
  19. Specimen trays where to get?

    Actually Wallyworld would be a less expensive choice if you want that sort of thing. I get my Plano 19 compartment tackle/ lure boxes through them for $1.88. I doubt you would get them from Micheal's for that kind of pocket change.
  20. Hello from Victoria!

    I'll suggest the shark tooth is a Carcharodon hastalis (formerly Isurus hastalis). The others are possibly pieces of burrows, so trace fossils rather than body fossils. Don
  21. ID New Zealand fossil

    Thanks! I also thought it was some sort of bone
  22. conglomerate rock with fossils?

    Lots of construction "leftovers" got/ get thrown into river basins. Out of sight, out of mind.
  23. ID New Zealand fossil

    Possibly worn cross sections of bone. As in your past topic, these are too worn to say anything more without further prep.
  24. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    You can find many understanding members here; some have experienced similar circumstances. You are also wise to be circumspect with regard to over-sharing on a public forum. Still, the privacy of our messaging system and supportive friends have helped me through some tough times.
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