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  2. Fossil id

    Agree completely. I think the site is Devonian.
  3. 1930s collection

    That’s interesting I was a long way off this I thought it was an Oxytoma . Thank again
  4. Possible footprint?

    It would be difficult to name such a small sample, but Taenidium may be something like it.
  5. 1930s collection

    Thank you so much I really appreciate the help. It is always risky buying old collections but it can mean you find fossils from lots locations like now closed coal mines or develop sites. There a few more labels but with my dyslexic Mrs R will help me and I post later. The dates are interesting 1 at 1933, 3 at 1936, 2 at 1937, 3 at 1938 , 1 in February 1939 (cold to go fossil hunting in Feb) and then 2 at 1944. It does possible look like they may have gone and came back from the war. Thank again mate you and Adam have really helped. Cheers Bobby
  6. Stained glass with ammonites.

    I am thoroughly impressed, yet again.
  7. 1930s collection

    Corals: 1) Diphyphyllum 2) Siphonodendron 3)Lithostrotion vorticale - I've seen similar from near Arnside, Cumbria 4)? 5)probably Dibunophyllum 6) Siphonodendron 7) Siphonodendron or Diphyphyllum 8) crinoidal limestone Of course, apart from the Dibunophyllum, all of those were once included in Lithostrotion. I think no.7 in the brachs/bivalves could be the Pseudopecten from Blockley. I'll go with Adam for most of the others! - though I don't think Goniatites is a valid genus nowadays and goniatites are very tricky to ID.
  8. Today
  9. Love the scale photos!! And that one in your hand is a "little one"
  10. 1930s collection

    @Tidgy's Dad thank you so much Adam I will look though it later and photograph number 16 . I can’t thank you enough. All the best Bobby
  11. Possible footprint?

    Thanks for the help @ynot!
  12. 20190415_154006-1.jpg

  13. 20190501_113352-1.jpg

    Love it! Nice association piece. Even the bryozoan alone would be a nice addition to one's collection...
  14. 20190521_201304-1.jpg

    Some nice specimens (this and the others you're posting). Are you going to add information soon?
  15. Possible footprint?

    I do not. Maybe @doushantuo can help.
  16. Spectacular fossils in Oakville, Ontario

    Aha! Very nice nautilods, whatever their age. I believe that curved thing is one also, but you'll need someone else to narrow down the names for you.

    I went to my favourite sites in Streetsville in Mississauga, Ontario again today. I found some nice specimens :). Heres a site pic: 


  18. Penn Dixie Round 1

    Some great ones for sure, but I'm glad to see some people don't just take home trilobites from that place, though I know it's the main drawing card! What is the item on the right in your last PD pic? I guess the thing on the left looks like an orthocone.
  19. A walk along Lake Ontario shoreline

    This is a very nice cross section through a large coral colony. It is a palaeozoic tabulata, possibly a favositid. The tabulae are very well visible in the lower part of the last pic. For comparison, here is a small version from the other side of the large pond (Favosites styriacus, Palaeozoic of Graz, Styria, Austria): Franz Bernhard
  20. Possible footprint?

    Would you happen to have any idea of what kind of trace fossil it could be? The fossil found here are Mississippian in age.
  21. Fossil id

    Welcome to the forum. Your first one looks like a small rock, it could have some fossil fragments in it but I can’t really tell from that picture. The second one looks like a worn piece of coral. The third one looks like an interesting bryozoan and I believe the last one is not a fossil, but an interestingly shaped rock or mineral. Again, a little hard to tell from the picture supplied. Some sort of scale would be helpful as I am sort of guessing as to what size these are, and that can be very important in distinguishing corals and bryozoan. Also, do you have any idea of the age of these finds? I did not look up Beltzville SP and am unfamiliar with it. Thanks for posting.
  22. Spectacular fossils in Oakville, Ontario

    Wait what is Orillia’s bedrock? 0_o Anyone know?
  23. Spectacular fossils in Oakville, Ontario

    Well, yes, as has been said, at that ssze it can't be a tentaculitid, must be a nautiloid. Amazing, I have never seen an Ordovician nautiloid which such pronounced and sharp edged annulations. Silurian, maybe; Devonian, sure, but not in the Ordovician. Great find!
  24. Spectacular fossils in Oakville, Ontario

    I dont think these fossils originate in the Ordovician. Oakville is mostly Queenston Formation, which is red shale with the thin bands of blue strata, and the formation is known for being practically empty in this part of Ontario. Whenever I pass Bronte Creek on the QWE/Highway 407 all I see is the red shale. Here are some examples of the Queenston Formation exposed in Hamilton, Ontario beside a creek. It is written though on W.A. Hessin’s book South Central Ontario Fossils that the Upper Member of the Georgian Bay Formation is exposed somewhere south downriver on Bronte Creek so therefore south Oakville must have the Georgian Bay Formation underlying as bedrock. But that is something I have to check out yet and see if it is true.
  25. Penn Dixie Round 1

    Looks like you got some great bugs there. Enjoyed the opportunity to meet up and dig with you and James on the Friday. You put in a lot of work moving all that rock.....
  26. Pentamerida?

    Thank you for those important details!
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