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So I was looking at some cave bear jaws for sale and saw that the same website also offers brown bear jaws(fossils).

Which makes me wonder if the cave bear jaws turn out to be from an extant species,will I get in trouble?

As many of you may know, pleistocene fossils contain both extinct (cave lion, mammoth, etc. ) and extant (jaguar, bear, tapir etc.)

Does anyone have any experience regarding this?

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DPS Ammonite

If it is in reference to items for sale or import to Hong Kong, contact government organization there that deals in hunting/ protection of animals and animal products importation. In the US contact the US Game and Fish Department.

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I work in the exotic pet trade so I do have some knowlegde of the CITES regulations and so far I've read fossilized material doesn't fall under CITES even if it are extant species. 



There were talks a couple of years ago to include wooly mammoths in CITES which would make it the first extinct species to make it into the list (as it was a loophole that some used to pass of extant elephants ivory as wooly mammoth tusks) but in the end they did end up scrapping the idea.


So as long as the material is fossilized and you can prove that it is fossilized you shouldn't expect any trouble from CITES. 

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Yup, It’s not endangered if it already extinct.

completely different organizations and laws for fossils.

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