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Help identify clams found on my property


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I live on some property in far north east Grayson county, Texas and runs alongside Iron ore creek. It that has several places on it where we have been finding clams and gastropods. It consists of heavy red clay mostly; with some grey, yellow, orange and a little black clay. Sandstone and Ironstone is very abundant. From what I have been able to find is this property is in the Woodbine formation.

These clams have me stumped. Can anyone help me identify some of these beauties?



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Another small clam about 1" across and a larger one that is about 3" long.



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There are also neat little gems we come across. It looks like there was some sort of eruption? :zzzzscratchchin:



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DPS Ammonite

Here is a reference that has names and photos of fossils that occur in the Woodbine. If you can determine what member the fossils are from that might make it easier to ID the fossils.

"Larger invertebrate fossils of the Woodbine formation (Cenomanian) of Texas, with Decapod Crustaceans from the Woodbine formation of Texas", USGS Professional Paper 242 By: L.W. Stephenson and H.B. Stenzel


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Thank you so much DPS Ammonite for the link. I have looked at a lot of reference sites, and couldn't really find much on the woodbine formation.

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