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Leaf or feather ?


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I have found these 2 fossils near a creek near the Illawarra escarpment in Sydney basin in New South Wales, Australia which was formed as I understand it 180-200 million years ago (http://www.geomaps.com.au/scripts/illawarraescarpment.php). It was found among a large number of petrified wood and coal fragments. The 2 rocks are very different, the dark one seems to come from a coal shoal, the light one seems to come . I do not have the expertise to determine if these are leaves or feathers. 



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Hi, to me those are leaves.

@Plantguy @paleoflor ?

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Definitely leaves. Note that the age constraint provided on the website you link to refers to the age of the structure (forming of the escarpment). The sedimentary rock being uplifted in this process got deposited earlier, i.e., must be at least as old as the structure but could also be significantly older. The strata in the Sydney basin are mostly Permo-Triassic in age. Would be good to figure out whether your location is Triassic or Permian in age, as the floras were quite different. I see some general resemblance to Glossopteris, particularly in the first specimen, but I'm looking on my phone and cannot really make out the venation. What is the scale? Moreover, if Triassic in age, you can most likely rule out Glossopteris... Hope this helps.

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Searching for green in the dark grey.

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