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Found this on the surface in a small area of exposed layered greenish and purple decomposing sedimentary rock at the base of Comb Wash west of Blanding, Utah.  The layers of rock were below a steep cliff and of Wingate sandstone and I assume the time period to be Triassic but I could be off by a few hundred million years.  

The fossil is a clump of round nodules approximately 5mm in diameter.  They have raised lines separating the balls.  It could be a clump of seeds compacted in a dinosaur's gut and defecated or maybe fossilized soft tissue like lung alveoli.  Thoughts and questions are very much welcome! 20231205_201949.thumb.jpg.06838d56db5678d8464474bef9c0344c.jpg

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Wild!  Def a keeper!


As I scrolled through the topics at first I swore this topic title read “clump of 🍜 noodles”. Must be lunchtime 

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'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.'

George Santayana

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Beautiful!!! Not a fossil, but definitely a keeper. Most intriguing septarian concretion I've ever seen.






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Fossil hunting is easy -- they don't run away when you shoot at them!

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