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Donoho Creek (Late Cretaceous) Microfossils from South Carolina


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Hi all.  I have slowly been working on sorting through a few gallons of micro matrix from a partiularly rich lag deposit within the Donoho Creek formation in South Carolina.  I have been able to identify many of them, and I will share some nice ones that I have identified, however I also will be seeking help from time to time in identifying ones that I am not having as much luck identifying in hopes the community can help!  Let's get started shall we?



This is one of my personal favorites - a Borodinopristis Schwimmeri (sawfish) oral tooth.  They are extremely rare down here, and I just recently found my first one. ~2mm.







This is another one of my personal favorites - a Lonchidion Babulskii oral tooth.  This is a particularly impressive specimen due to the preservation of the porous and fragile root, along with no wear on the crown. ~5mm.






Here's a particularly enigmatic object for me thus far - I have been told this is a carpet shark, however i am unsure even to what genus - would anyone have any suggestions?  No carpet sharks are mentioned in published literature (as far as I am aware) from this deposit.  It is ~2mm in size.






The most fun section - denticles.  I have found tons of fascinating and differing denticles and am interested to see if anyone can help me assign these to anything specific.  They're all very small, ~2mm














Hope you all enjoyed seeing some of the microfossils I am finding, and hopefully some of you are able to help in identifying some of them!  I'll update this thread as I find more enigmatic micros.


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Great post. Always love some underappreciated Cretaceous micro sharks, especially from a formation I hadn't heard of. Those are some real beauties!


For your unID'd carpet shark, I am unfamiliar with those morphologies bc I've yet to find them myself, but it looks pretty similar to Restesia americana (formerly Squatirhina americana) from other American Maast. deposits. I would start there if you haven't already.

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Very nice finds @Sonickmonx!  Your #4 reminds me of a sawfish rostral tooth.   Here is a selection of some Ischyrhiza in my collection.

POC Sawfish Rostral spines collection.png

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