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Mazon Creek - More Pit 11 (Already Opened Concretions)


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Hi Folks-

Here are some more already opened concretions from a recent Pit 11 trip.

Let me know if you disagree with any of my IDs.

1) Priapulites konecrniorum


2) Partial Tully (poor preservation)


3) Unknown


4) shrimp molt


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I cannot make out much detail on #1 but I am pretty certain it is not priapulites. My guess is either a trail or possibly a poorly preserved Fossundecima. I would agree that #2 might be a piece of a Tully but it may also just be the way the concretion weathered once split. I think # 3 is just mineralization. I agree with the shrimp molt. I believe #5 is a partial coprinoscolex.

Definately a promising start.

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