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Triceratops Upper And Lower Teeth Positioning

AJ Plai

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Hi, I have these two Triceratops teeth which if I am not mistaken are upper and lower teeth:


My guess is the left tooth is the lower tooth and the right tooth the upper - am I right?

Also, I am looking to create a display that would keep the specimens afloat and arrange them in ways that would position the teeth as they should be if they were in the jaws of a Triceratops. I came up with two possibilities from what I have been trying to figure out and here are the positions I am guessing should be the right one:

Position A:


Position B


Which position is the anatomically correct one, or am I still getting this wrong? If anyone know and could confirm or correct me that would be great.

Thx a lot in advance :)

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Does this help at all?


Image source: LINK

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