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Celestron Digital Microscope Imager 44421 Review


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I hate proprietary software. I like good cheap hardware. This little digital microscope imager is almost in the right place. Only 30 bucks on the big river.

Most of the complaints in the reviews are about software. I didn't install any on an old XP box. Just let it recognize the drivers, and used the cam from within My Computer.

In the reviews they argue over the objective magnification of this camera. At least on my gear the camera acts like a 20X ocular. I wish that was a lower number. But the only way I can get the camera close to parfocal with an optical eyepiece is with a 20X eyepiece.

Quick and dirty pics of a penny and a dollar bill. Mag range is 7X to 120X. Using a Bausch and Lomb StereoZoom 4--with 0.5X objective to obtain the lower mags, and 2.0X objective for the higher mags.

post-7463-0-76218000-1394581419_thumb.jpg post-7463-0-85218800-1394581417_thumb.jpgpost-7463-0-27280000-1394581416_thumb.jpgpost-7463-0-78199300-1394581414_thumb.jpgpost-7463-0-37912300-1394581413_thumb.jpgpost-7463-0-55898000-1394581410_thumb.jpgpost-7463-0-01759800-1394581406_thumb.jpg


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very nice Mike. Celestron made my scope, but as far as I know, they don't make the cameras, a third party does, vimicro in my case, and that'd be a good possible source of better software updates. :)

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Some nice clarity there. Could you get a shot

Of A 1 and a couple of zeros?

Working on making some money lol.

I went with the windows camera driver for the motic

Camera. I'm posting in whiskey bridge breakdown.

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Wow, that's impressive. However that 4th picture of George's eye has some kind of optical illusion going if I stare at it, and it looks like it's moving, and it kind of freaks me out. Guess I should stop staring at it.


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That looks very useful!

Thanks for posting about this scope. That looks like an excellent addition to my setup. I'd just have to get some 20X oculars to go with it... :P

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That looks very useful!

Thanks for posting about this scope. That looks like an excellent addition to my setup. I'd just have to get some 20X oculars to go with it... :P

You wouldn't need the extra oculars. I just compared to try to figure out the magnification of the camera. You can't really see through both at the same time anyway. You use the computer screen to focus the camera. Far from perfect, but quite functional for the price.

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Pics of dollars and cents are all well and good. But the proof is in the fossil pudding.

First I wanted to test my maximum field of view. I added a 0.5X objective to my StereoZoom 4, and cranked the stand up to the max. I cranked my zoom down to the minimum of 0.7X. Assuming I'm right that the imager has a 20X magnification, I'm working at 7X magnification. But the imager only captures a rectangular portion of the field of view from the ocular.

I used a Schizotoma? from the Finis Shale of Jacksboro, TX for this experiment. It measures just shy of 1 cm on the longest axis. Here are the results.


The largest field of view you are going to get with this camera is 1 cm. Your mileage may vary. I'm able to add a 0.5X objective to my scope, and get the final image down to approximately 7X. A lot of stereo scopes only go down to 1X, and if you can't lower that mag on the objective end you will be at 20X minimum, with a much smaller field of view.

That being said, I'm happy with this pic. The colors pop. I tried to focus just below the top end of the specimen and I'm fairly happy with the depth of field focus. In fact, I want to go and do some micro-prep on this pretty thing--get rid of that ugly matrix that shows up in high def.

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Still diddling and piddling with my new microscope camera. Right now I'd grade it at a solid B. A+ for price, B- for the built in 20X magnification. But overall I'm happy.


Bryozoan from Jacksboro. 7X magnification.


Schizotoma?--a smaller one from Jax. 7X magnification.


Shark teeth from Green Mill Run, NC. 7X mag.


Rattlesnake Creek, FL. The first pic is 10X, the second is 7X mag.

I added the vignette effect using Google + photo editing. I like my pics to look like they came from a microscope.

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post-7463-0-68107000-1394745258_thumb.jpgTime to turn up the volume a bit. A 3 mm specimen at 20X. I dumped the 0.5X objective, and I am using a 1X zoom with the presumed mag of 20X for the camera.

The specimen is what I presume to be a Trimerorachis insignis amphibian tooth from the lower Permian, Ryan Formation, Waurika, Ok.

Definitely needs tweaking at this mag. Fuzzy and depth of field isn't great.

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2 mm Xinacanthus leuderensthis shark tooth from the lower Permian, Ryan Fm., Waurika, Ok.

Same problem. At 20X a bit fuzzy, and depth of field isn't great. I'd downgrade the camera to a B-, but I think the problem may be human operator error.

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It can be hard to focus sometimes using your computer monitor, at least for me.

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This unfortunate creature wandered across my kitchen counter and soon found the killing jar. About 1 cm long.



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Looks like a rove beetle!

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I just thought it was an unfortunate bug that wandered into my field of view while I was playing with one of my scopes. But it does seem to be a rove beetle now that you bring it up.

The rove beetles are a family (Staphylinidae) of beetles, primarily distinguished by their short elytra that leave more than half of their abdomens exposed. With approximately 58,000 species in thousands of genera, the group is currently recognized as the largest family of beetles. It is an ancient group, with fossilrove beetles known from the Triassic, 200 million years ago, and possibly even earlier if the recently described Leehermania proves to be a member of this family. They are an ecologically and morphologically diverse group of beetles, and commonly encountered in terrestrial ecosystems.--wikipedia

I do believe they can date back to the Triassic or earlier. This was a tough bug. My quick and dirty killing jar was a 10 ml glass vial with a cotton swab soaked in 100% acetone. It took several minutes of the "Raid dance" and several more minutes of kicking slowly before it was dead. But 15 minutes after I put him under the scope he was doing the slow kick again. I thought about crunching him at this point, but put him back in the killing jar instead. Supposedly this is a common problem with insects and killing jars. But I'm not going to stock up on cyanide.

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Hello, i have tried Digital microscope for Macro and I was not satisfied with the result. Here 3 mm Spiders in Baltic amber shot with Nex 5N + Canon MPE 65 mm 4/5 x + Focus stacking. It would have been much better with a focus rail.


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I received a Celestron deluxe handheld digital microscope last December...I just opened and used it last night...it's pretty cool!

I took a few more photos of my tiny ammonites...

post-11220-0-60927600-1441509912_thumb.jpg post-11220-0-78539500-1441509911_thumb.jpg

...Just wanted share. :)

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point.thumb.jpg.e8c20b9cd1882c9813380ade830e1f32.jpg research.jpg.932a4c776c9696d3cf6133084c2d9a84.jpg  RPV.jpg.d17a6f3deca931bfdce34e2a5f29511d.jpg  SJB.jpg.f032e0b315b0e335acf103408a762803.jpg  butterfly.jpg.71c7cc456dfbbae76f15995f00b221ff.jpg  Htoad.jpg.3d40423ae4f226cfcc7e0aba3b331565.jpg  library.jpg.56c23fbd183a19af79384c4b8c431757.jpg  OIP.jpg.163d5efffd320f70f956e9a53f9cd7db.jpg

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Looks good, Mike!

Thanks for sharing.



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Those are some sweet looking little things! and nice pictures also!


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