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Mazon Creek Question


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With all the mazon posts lately, it made me look closer at my material. What, if anything, are these little nodes?



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My guess is they're pieces of the opposing half that stuck to that one. But that's a guess. Hopefully Rob or Jack will catch up with your thread and give you a conclusive answer. Nice specimen!


Finding my way through life; one fossil at a time.

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Hey Paul, neat find/specimen. Kind of looks like some very small pyrite crystals at least to me. Will wait to see if Rob or Jack have seen that kind of stuff.

Seems l have a sample somewhere with some small circular depressions that might be similar....will go look when I get the chance and post if worthwhile.

Regards, Chris

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The dots on leaves like these are referred to in the literature as Excipulites. They are presently thought to be fungal growths in the leaves when they were alive. And can they be distinguished from pyrite or other later inclusions by the fact they often display the leaf venation on over their tops. Also they should be visible only on the fossil leaf and not on the matrix to be considered Excipulites.

Hope this helps some,


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Perfect! Just what I wanted to know, I thought it looked possibly organic. Thanks fiddlehead!

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