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A Couple Of Hell Creek Oddities


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I found these to items in the cretaceous age Hell Creek formation near Glendive, MT a couple of months ago, and I was hoping someone might have a clue as to what they could be, fossil or otherwise.

No idea on the first one


odd leaf impression?


Thank you,


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second one looks a bit like cliona ridden shell. Could the red color of the material be from weathering? Forget my first statement if this isn't a marine deposit.

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They look like plant material. I have seen similar specimens here in NM...a bunch of organic debris mashed together. The first may be bark of some sort and second might be palm.

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New Mexico Museum of Natural History Bulletins    


point.thumb.jpg.e8c20b9cd1882c9813380ade830e1f32.jpg research.jpg.932a4c776c9696d3cf6133084c2d9a84.jpg  RPV.jpg.d17a6f3deca931bfdce34e2a5f29511d.jpg  SJB.jpg.f032e0b315b0e335acf103408a762803.jpg  butterfly.jpg.71c7cc456dfbbae76f15995f00b221ff.jpg  Htoad.jpg.3d40423ae4f226cfcc7e0aba3b331565.jpg  library.jpg.56c23fbd183a19af79384c4b8c431757.jpg  OIP.jpg.163d5efffd320f70f956e9a53f9cd7db.jpg

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