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Mississippian In Ky


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It was a beautiful day in central KY to do some fossil hunting. A joint field trip and picnic with the Cincinnati Dry Dredgers and KPS was the perfect excuse to enjoy the late Sept. day. All of the fossils except for the oolitic rock were found on private land. (big thank you) The oolitic rock was found on a road cut near Big Hill, KY. All are Mississippian in age. Any help with identifying the brachiopods will be of great help! http://www.uky.edu/OtherOrgs/KPS/poky/pages/pokych05.htm

DSC00274.jpg DSC00275.jpg DSC00253.jpg DSC00252.jpg

DSC00264.jpg DSC00268.jpg DSC00266.jpg

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The fourth picture of your second post: I can't see the left brach clearly enough, but the right two are Cleothyridina sp.

The fifth picture of your second post: I am pretty sure all but the bottom right brach are Composita sp. I think the bottom right brach is another Cleothyridina

The blastoids are definitely Pentremites.

Nice finds! Keep an eye out for crinoids cups!


I like crinoids......

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