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Possible carnivore teeth fossils?


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I dug these two up in my backyard. Only 7 or 8 inches deep in the soil. I am wondering if they are teeth fossils since they seem similar in shape and were found in the same area. It would be great if someone with expertise could give me their opinion. Thanks!



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Just suggestively shaped stones, i'm afraid. 

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Welcome to TFF!


I agree with Adam, looks like Mother Nature made non-fossil rocks trick you into thinking they are fossils. She is a trickster!

They are called 'pseudofossils' - things that look like fossils although they are not. 


Good luck fossil hunting in the future!


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Welcome to the Forum. :)


Th lack of enamel and root/bone texture tell us these aren't teeth.

Always better to check and confirm, however.

Neat looking rocks, but alas, not teeth.


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+1 for geologic

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