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Consolidated all my informational Topics to make it easier to reference.  Will keep updating since some of the reference material is outdated.   Have to thank @PFOOLEY for suggesting this consolidation and it makes it a lot easier for me to access these topics as well as our members to know what's out there.




Tips in Buying Theropod Teeth


Dinosaur Anatomy 101


Stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous in North America


Best Books for Dinosaur Identification 


Rare Theropod Teeth (World Wide) 


Identification of Some rarer Theropod Teeth





 Identification of Dinosaur Teeth from the Triassic of New Mexico


Jurassic: Morisson Formation


Identification of Theropod Teeth


Quick Guide To Sauropod Teeth


Tips in Buying a Sauropod Foot Claw


Ornithischians from the Morisson Formation



Jurassic: Europe


Dinosaurs of Costal Portugal



Jurassic Theropods of Germany



Cretaceous: USA


Hell Creek & Lance Formation Fanual List


Identification of Theropod Teeth in the Hell Creek and Lance Formations


Identification of Troodontid Teeth


Identification of Tyrannosaurid Teeth From USA & Canada


Identification of Ankylosaurid Teeth


Identification of Acheroraptor Teeth


Identification of Hadrosaur Teeth




Identification of Claws and Ungals from the Hell Creek and Lance Formations


Identification of Pachycephalosaurid and Thescelosaurus Teeth


Tooth Features in Tyrannosaurids


The Case for Nannotyrannus


Dakotaraptor Teeth and Claws   Hell Creek Fm


Identification of Bones /Claws from Alvarezsaurids from North America


Hell Creek Faunal Representation



Identification of Theropod Teeth from Judith River Formation ( Campanian )

Includes Faunal List


Fanual List from the Two Medicine Formations





Theropod Assemblage of New Jersey



Cretaceous: Kem Kem of Morocco

Kem Kem Theropod Teeth


Kem Kem Theropod Tooth Morphology


Identification of Sauropod Teeth from the Kem Kem


Tips in Purchasing a Spinosaurid Hand Claw


Identification of Claws from the Kem Kem


Identification of Spinosaurid Jaws from the Kem Kem


Guide to Help Purchase Rooted Moroccan Theropod Teeth


Pterosaur Teeth from Kem Kem




Republic of Niger


Identification of Theropod Teeth





Identification of Spinosaurid Teeth





Cretaceous: South America


Patagonia's Theropod Teeth



Cretaceous: Uzbekistan:


Identification of Theropod Teeth:  Uzbekistan



Sauropod Teeth: Uzbekistan



Cretaceous: Europe


Identifying Baryonyx Teeth


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Awesome, should be pinned.

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“...whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been and are being evolved.” ~ Charles Darwin

Happy hunting,


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The top dinosaur informational guides on the forum all in one place!!  Thank you Troodon!!  :fistbump:


Moderators please pin this topic!!

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13 hours ago, WhodamanHD said:

Awesome, should be pinned.


7 hours ago, HamptonsDoc said:

The top dinosaur informational guides on the forum all in one place!!  Thank you Troodon!!  :fistbump:


Moderators please pin this topic!!


Done.  Good work, Frank.


Excellent suggestion, Mike @PFOOLEY.

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The human mind has the ability to believe anything is true.  -  JJ

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A wonderful thread. Well done Frank!


Thank you mods for stickying this.

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Looking forward to meeting my fellow Singaporean collectors! Do PM me if you are a Singaporean, or an overseas fossil-collector coming here for a holiday!

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Good work, Frank...thank you for taking the time to put it all together. I am happy to see your wealth of info all in one place (and pinned!). 

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"I am glad I shall never be young without wild country to be young in. Of what avail are forty freedoms without a blank spot on the map?"  ~Aldo Leopold (1887-1948) 


New Mexico Museum of Natural History Bulletins    


point.thumb.jpg.e8c20b9cd1882c9813380ade830e1f32.jpg research.jpg.932a4c776c9696d3cf6133084c2d9a84.jpg  RPV.jpg.d17a6f3deca931bfdce34e2a5f29511d.jpg  SJB.jpg.f032e0b315b0e335acf103408a762803.jpg  butterfly.jpg.71c7cc456dfbbae76f15995f00b221ff.jpg  Htoad.jpg.3d40423ae4f226cfcc7e0aba3b331565.jpg  library.jpg.56c23fbd183a19af79384c4b8c431757.jpg  OIP.jpg.163d5efffd320f70f956e9a53f9cd7db.jpg

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Appreciate all the positive feedback hopefully members will see value in this.


Revised first page

: Added 

Best Dinosaur Books

Identification of Theropod Teeth of the Morisson  Fm

Ornithischians of the Morisson Fm

Identification of Theropod Teeth Republic Niger



Marshosaurus, Torvosaurus and Ceratosaurus under Theropod Teeth of the Morisson Fm

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