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© Kaegen Lau

Rovno Amber (Obukhov Fm., Mezhigorje Fm. [37.71-28.1 Ma])


Rovno Amber


Rivne Region, Rivne Oblast, Ukraine


Obukhov Fm., Mezhigorje Fm. (37.71-28.1 Ma)


Weight: 127.7 g


Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.6 x 3.5 cm


Unfortunately, the market tends to label no distinction between Rovno and Baltic ambers, and while the two do share similarities in probable botanical source, physical and chemical properties, and age, Rovno amber differs in that:


• The amber forests had a distinct and more southerly geographical origin, and formed in a warmer, more arid paleoenvironment.


• Most deposits are believed to be autochthonous (i.e., have not been naturally redeposited/reworked over time).


• Its known assemblage of arthropod inclusions differs slightly.


Using SiC sandpaper, I worked from 240 (U.S. Standard Grit Size) to 3,000, and achieved a high polish with chromium oxide (ZAM compound) on a Selvyt microfiber cloth.


Aside from shaping the piece with a Dremel tool in preparation for sanding, the entire process was performed manually and took about 5 hours to complete.


Also shown is the amber's fluorescent response under 365 nanometer (long wave) UV light. Numerous bubbles (mostly two-phase "enhydros") and botanical detritus inclusions are densely scattered throughout the specimen, and there are no arthropod inclusions.


*Note: Some of my photos from previous years describing Rovno amber have an incorrect age range listed; the several photos associated with this specimen show the correct data.


© Kaegen Lau

From the album:

Fossil Amber and Copal: Worldwide Localities

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Photo Information

  • Taken with samsung SM-G965U1
  • Focal Length 4.3 mm
  • Exposure Time 1/120
  • f Aperture f/2.4
  • ISO Speed 64

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