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Tate Conference 2017



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This event begins 06/02/2017 and repeats every year forever

Hello FossilForumers-

I want to let you all know that in June we will be hosting the 23rd annual Tate Conference.  The theme this year is "High Tech and Old Bones".  We have speakers from all over the USA speaking on all sorts of cool technologies they are using with fossils.  Dr. Mary Schweitzer will be speaking on soft tissues in T rex as Keynote Speaker.  We have talks on all sorts of topics from 3d printing to laser flourescence, to paleorobotics, and more.  There will be two days of field trips.  The first day is into the White River Formation near Douglas, Wyoming.  The second field trip will be to Medicine Bow.  We will do a historic tour of the Como Bluff area... not much collecting, then do a collecting trip to a Cretaceous ammonite site nearby (Cenomanian/Turonian Frontier Formation).   The cost is 145 bucks for the conference only, and each field trip is 40 dollars.  Space on field trips is reserved for people who also attend the conference.   


The conference is in June, 2020, ... date to be determined.  Details and registration is available at:     



I hope to see a few Forum folks show up.  This conference is always a lot of fun.  I hear that from participants; I am too busy organizing and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  


Feel free to ask me about details. 

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